Assisted Folding Knives

The Hollow Grind proudly sells a variety of assisted folding knives, a type of folding knife that uses an internal mechanism to automatically open the knife once the user has partially opened the blade using a flipper or thumbstud. Torsion springs hold the blade in place when the knife is closed. Assisted folding knives are similar in nature to a switchblade knife; however, the assisted folding knife is spring-assisted rather than fully-automated.

Assisted folding knives are the ideal answer to your particular needs, whatever they may be. Whether you favor outdoor recreation, dabble in martial arts, work in law enforcement, or serve in military combat, an assisted folding knife is designed for fast-action use, convenience, and absolute comfort in grip and use. Our variety includes top-name brands, including Pro-Tech, Zero Tolerance, and Kershaw, each with a distinct dedication to designing quality knives for each type of situation.

Browse our variety of assisted folding knives. We provide a variety of blade designs and shapes, accompanied by a perfectly-shaped handle for a comfortable fit into any grip. Our team of knife enthusiasts and connoisseurs are dedicated to selling quality knives from some of the top names in knife design and manufacture. Find the most useful assisted folding knife, and find that it fits all of your needs!

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