Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Folding Knives employ a gravity-assisted Axis mechanism that firmly locks, and releases the blade. Simply pinch the finger and flick the wrist to deploy the quality, razor-sharp blade. Benchmade Folding Knives are ideal for outdoor sporting cutlery, rescue, the law-enforcement industry, martial-arts, and military operations. Each knife comes from designers, who custom-make each design to function optimally. Benchmade Folding Knives come in a series of three classes: Blue Class, Black Class, and Hunt Series. Browse our selection of Benchmade Folding Knives to suit your individual needs, and experience the quality right away, with a low price and satisfaction guarantee.

Why Buy Benchmade Folding Knives?

Benchmade Folding Knives are one of the top names in quality knives. Specifically designed for outdoor sporting cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement, martial arts, and military operations, each Benchmade Folding Knife has a gravity-assisted Axis mechanism to firmly lock and release the blade with a simple flick of the wrist. Started in California, the creators of Benchmade Folding Knives are dedicated to creating the most quality knives in the industry, utilizing some of the most comprehensive technologies and mechanics to best serve all types of knife users. Browse our inventory today, and take the time to explore the quality variety of Benchmade Folding Knives we have to offer!

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